Full Day in Delhi Part 2…museums, mosque ruins, nature centers, shopping, and Starbucks!

July 5th-Part 2

After shopping we had lunch at a nice restaurant that served Southern Indian food which is different from Northern Indian food. My knowledge and experience with Indian food is elementary for sure. I have to be honest that I don’t like most of it, but this trip is all about trying new things! The meal is served with soups, dips and chutneys that go with the food. I had coffee with ice cream in it which was like a frappe for dessert.

We then went to the National Museum of Modern Art and we had perfect timing because it began to downpour (think monsoon) while we were inside. For India apparently “Modern Art” starts around the 1500s. When your history goes back to roughly 2500 BCE, I guess 1500s CE is modern. I know that my sister Nancy would have loved this museum ❤️ There were too many amazing works of art to post here, but these are some of my favorites

Depiction of Krishna and Arjuna, the god and warrior in the Bhagavad Gita. The artist is Nandalal Bose 1880s-1966. It is a lithograph on paper

I took this picture with my phone of the rain outside through a window in the museum. My own piece of artwork 🙂

By the time we were done at the museum it had stopped raining. Perfect timing! We then went to a nature center (or habitat) as it was called and saw beautiful plant life and trees mixed with sculpture and water fountains. I thought this tree was beautiful and I wish I had found out the name of the type of tree. That is one of our “guides” Aashi who is a very talented young woman and also excellent shopper for clothes.

After the habitat we went to Lodhi Gardens which has ruins of a gateway and mosque from pre-Mughal Empire Dynasty of Muslim rulers named Lodhi. The ruins were fascinating to look at and wander through. The park was filled with families, joggers, dogs, tourists, and kids playing. These teenagers photo bombed my selfie with the gateway. It’s one of my favorite pictures so far.

The new friends I have made on this trip made my day in Delhi all the more special. The other “scholars” (as they are calling us) on the trip are all wonderful people, each with something to add to the experience. They all indulged me with a picture in front of Starbucks 🙂


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