“Graduation Day”

Today was our presentation to the board of trustees for the Uberoi Foundation and members of the academic community here in Sarnath. The Uberoi Foundation was set up by Mahinder Uberoi, a professor and Indian Immigrant to the United States. A board of trustees comprised of members from the US and India carry out the work of the foundation. The mission of the foundation is to:

“Raise awareness of the four major Dharmic religions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism, in an effort to promote understanding, communication, tolerance, and peace among the diverse peoples of the world.”

As I look back on my time here I will be sad to leave my new friends that reside in India and my fellow “scholars” that live in the US. India was a great experience, but it was the people that I was with that made it special.

This was a physical and mental challenge for me and I am happy that I took this valuable opportunity and pursued knowledge and experience.

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