Gandhi Museum!

It is really late at night here and I have had a long, long day. We saw three temples and an ashram (community of monks, nuns, and lay people living together to study religion), Had lunch at the director of the program’s house in Delhi ( beautiful home and wonderful lunch). Thanks to Dr. Shugan Jain and his wife Uma for hosting us. We almost didn’t have time for the Gandhi Museum…but thank god we did because I did not want to miss it. Sadly, the museum is on the grounds where Gandhi led his last prayer meeting and was assassinated by a Hindu extremist who did not agree with Gandhi’s politics. It was beautiful though and very emotional for me. Anyone who knows me at all, especially my ninth grade world cultures students knows that I am obsessed with Gandhi and so this was a pilgrimage of sorts. A few pics. the words at the bottom of the statue say in Hindi “my life is my message”…

The place where Gandhi last meditated. I did not want to take the picture where he was shot. It makes me sad.

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